AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-03Fix compile error for non-c99 buidsedi-0.6Andy Williams
2017-10-05filepanel: don't update status and scm etc for hidden filesAndy Williams
2017-09-26change list for releasev0.6.0Andy Williams
2017-09-26Update translationsAndy Williams
2017-09-26Fix make distAndy Williams
2017-09-24prep for releaseAndy Williams
2017-09-24filepanel: fix menu icon for foldersAndy Williams
2017-09-24autosuggest: avoid lingering tab-complete suggestionsAndy Williams
2017-09-24snippet: fix indentation of inserted linesAndy Williams
2017-09-24exe: fix cleanup on FreeBSD of ecore_con_server/clients.Al Poole
2017-09-24filepanel: make dialogues more informative.Al Poole
2017-09-22filepanel: make dir menu behave as file menu does.Al Poole
2017-09-22filepanel: Make the filename in menu informationalAndy Williams
2017-09-22snippet: add some python snippetsAndy Williams
2017-09-22autosuggest: Add safety for optional language featuresAndy Williams
2017-09-21about: fix layout of AUTHORS content in aboutAndy Williams
2017-09-21screens: scm. only show staged changes.Al Poole
2017-09-21create: Escape single quotes in project and user nameAndy Williams
2017-09-21disable broken tests - need to move from including C code!!!Andy Williams
2017-09-21scm: use relative path not absolute.Al Poole
2017-09-21screens: scm, remove unnecessary hash clear.Al Poole
2017-09-21scm screens: select text when staged changes made.Al Poole
2017-09-21Merge Andy's fixAl Poole
2017-09-21screeens: scm. Replace list with genlist and make commit entry more usable.Al Poole
2017-09-21autosuggest: veto tab propagation for all insertsAndy Williams
2017-09-21edi_main: use proper method to disable menu items.Al Poole
2017-09-21exe: add header.Al Poole
2017-09-21edi_exe: fix bad bugs.Al Poole
2017-09-20autosuggest: speed up suggeestionsAndy Williams
2017-09-20autosuggest: Show first match for tab completionAndy Williams
2017-09-20filepanel: do allow focus, else this causes problems.Al Poole
2017-09-20Build: make build proces more robust.Al Poole
2017-09-19filepanel: add filename to the root of the filepanel menus.Al Poole
2017-09-19notify: less text is more.Al Poole
2017-09-19build: fix race-condition.Al Poole
2017-09-19stash: fix bug missed. make sure to update all items on stash.Al Poole
2017-09-19screens: scm popup align icons.Al Poole
2017-09-19filepanel: 100% ontinuity.Al Poole
2017-09-19filepanel: 99% consistent iconsAl Poole
2017-09-19screens: scm fix iconsAl Poole
2017-09-19scm status: filepanel and commit screen.Al Poole
2017-09-19screens: scm. update label to be more sensible.Al Poole
2017-09-19filepanel: add icon statuses.Al Poole
2017-09-18Revert "filepanel: update on contract."Al Poole
2017-09-18filepanel: update on contract.Al Poole
2017-09-17filepanel: don't duplicate unnecessary code and no need to memcpy.Al Poole
2017-09-17filepanel: move function for clarity.Al Poole
2017-09-17scm: reimplement support for file listing file status.Al Poole
2017-09-16filepanel: remove uneccessary methods.Al Poole
2017-09-16filepanel: Bad indentation.Al Poole