AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-17Better explanations of the build optionsedi-0.6.1Andy Williams
2018-05-15Version down for releasev0.6.1Andy Williams
2018-05-15Attempting a meson build fixAndy Williams
2018-05-15logpanel: fix crash when appending lots of lines.Alastair Poole
2018-05-15scm_git: Allow us to unstage even if there is no remote url.Alastair Poole
2018-05-15credits_check/scm_ui: Fix bugs that crash.Alastair Poole
2018-05-15scm: init. Fix a crash on new project initializing SCM.Alastair Poole
2018-05-15Rolling back release numbers for 0.6.1 nextAndy Williams
2018-05-11Display the text position rather than the visual column in infoAndy Williams
2018-05-11Remove duplicate lineAndy Williams
2018-05-01settings: Fix crash with non-SCM project.Alastair Poole
2018-05-01AUTHORS: update to use my real name.Al Poole
2018-03-21Fix escaping of names in git parametersAndy Williams
2018-03-21Fix EFL version required for release branchAndy Williams
2018-03-21Oops, fix compile error from merge conflictAndy Williams
2018-03-21screens: add a dialogue with a button for close and settings panel.Al Poole
2018-03-03Default to tab indenting for go projectsAndy Williams
2018-03-03Fix possible crash on consolepanelAndy Williams
2018-03-03Rely on fixes in latest EFL releaseAndy Williams
2018-02-22Load the test results for Golang buildsAndy Williams
2018-02-17build: Add support for Go buildingAndy Williams
2018-02-17Fix typo in string constructonAndy Williams
2018-02-10Update EFL version requiredAndy Williams
2018-02-10theme: We don't need to build a theme until that's supportedAndy Williams
2018-02-10Update for latest feature additionsAndy Williams
2018-02-10theme: roll back for the 0.7 releaesAndy Williams
2018-02-10Completion of examples featureAndy Williams
2018-02-03Fix compile error for non-c99 buidsAndy Williams
2018-02-03Fix compile error for non-c99 buidsAndy Williams
2018-01-06examples: extract example from git to create new projectsAndy Williams
2018-01-06suggest: fix potential crash. Don't list un-named methods?Andy Williams
2018-01-06templtaes: refactor to use template name rather than pathAndy Williams
2018-01-06examples: refactor template code to work for examples tooAndy Williams
2018-01-02examples: refactor data to be tidierAndy Williams
2018-01-02examples: Crash fix on going backAndy Williams
2018-01-01Example: Add more content for the main examplesAndy Williams
2018-01-01examples: First pass add of examples info.Andy Williams
2017-12-31Fix unsafe usages of basenameAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Update layout for scm commits for usabilityAndy Williams
2017-12-30avatar: Don't clip rotated avatarAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: If we can guess user credentials don't blockAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Consistent dir usage in win titlesAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: pass new --commit param to edi_scm for commit workflowAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Add command line options to specify path if we want.Andy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Fix initialisation to be based either on path or on CWD/edi_project_getAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Make the titles consistent and add them to translationsAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm_ui: remove unnecessary check.Al Poole
2017-12-29scm_ui: use already stored value, no need to query again.Al Poole
2017-12-29edi_scm: Consistent results for SCM root_directory.Al Poole
2017-12-29scm_ui: Add border to avatar w/effect (rotation)Al Poole