AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-14tab movement: not an ideal implementation, buggy too.feature/tabs_moveAl Poole
2018-02-1364 is too many spaces.Al Poole
2018-02-13With text files make our labels a fixed width.Al Poole
2018-02-10block on efl-git for edi-gitAndy Williams
2018-02-10develop is now heading to 0.8Andy Williams
2018-02-10Completion of examples featureAndy Williams
2018-02-03Fix compile error for non-c99 buidsAndy Williams
2018-02-03Fix compile error for non-c99 buidsAndy Williams
2018-01-06examples: extract example from git to create new projectsAndy Williams
2018-01-06suggest: fix potential crash. Don't list un-named methods?Andy Williams
2018-01-06templtaes: refactor to use template name rather than pathAndy Williams
2018-01-06examples: refactor template code to work for examples tooAndy Williams
2018-01-02examples: refactor data to be tidierAndy Williams
2018-01-02examples: Crash fix on going backAndy Williams
2018-01-01Example: Add more content for the main examplesAndy Williams
2018-01-01examples: First pass add of examples info.Andy Williams
2017-12-31Fix unsafe usages of basenameAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Update layout for scm commits for usabilityAndy Williams
2017-12-30avatar: Don't clip rotated avatarAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: If we can guess user credentials don't blockAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Consistent dir usage in win titlesAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: pass new --commit param to edi_scm for commit workflowAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Add command line options to specify path if we want.Andy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Fix initialisation to be based either on path or on CWD/edi_project_getAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm: Make the titles consistent and add them to translationsAndy Williams
2017-12-30scm_ui: remove unnecessary check.Al Poole
2017-12-29scm_ui: use already stored value, no need to query again.Al Poole
2017-12-29edi_scm: Consistent results for SCM root_directory.Al Poole
2017-12-29scm_ui: Add border to avatar w/effect (rotation)Al Poole
2017-12-28scm: refactor of scmAl Poole
2017-12-27edi_scm: move project root detection into the library.Al Poole
2017-12-27edi_scm: allow stage/unstaging outside of top scm dir.Al Poole
2017-12-23Up to date translationsAndy Williams
2017-12-23Add translation info to the about screenAndy Williams
2017-12-20edi_scm: Add support for staging and unstaging.Al Poole
2017-12-17settings: Fix slider for scroll wheel usageAndy Williams
2017-12-15edi_exe: workaround for ecore_con_server_delAl Poole
2017-12-09editor_search: make it clearer in the code when we reset the cursor.Al Poole
2017-12-09welcome: add visual indication for required but missing fields.Al Poole
2017-12-09editor: search wrapping inconsistencies fix.Al Poole
2017-12-09filepanel: only pack the box once when showing the file search.Al Poole
2017-12-08settings: Improve layout in display settingsAndy Williams
2017-12-08Add to newsAndy Williams
2017-12-08Merge branch 'feature/edi_translucency' into developAndy Williams
2017-12-08alpha: Tidy settings screen for translucencyAndy Williams
2017-12-06settings: slight tidy up and make code easier to read.Al Poole
2017-12-06theme: remove unnecessary call, and slight tidy.Al Poole
2017-12-06alpha: make sure window alpha is set on config change.Al Poole
2017-12-06Merge branch 'feature/edi_translucency' of git+ssh:// Poole
2017-12-06theme: fix small bug and change label.Al Poole