BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
develop0.8.0: RELEASEAlastair Poole12 months
devs/ajwillia-ms/elm_codeelm_code editor: Fix bug with newlinesAndy Williams6 years
edi-0.1oops, update versions for releaseAndy Williams6 years
edi-0.3Fix make distAndy Williams5 years
edi-0.4Fix broken pkgbuildAndy Williams5 years
edi-0.5starting 0.5.2 bug fixesAndy Williams4 years
edi-0.6Fix compile error for non-c99 buidsAndy Williams3 years
edi-0.6.1Better explanations of the build optionsAndy Williams3 years
edi-0.7Fix dependency numbers now they are releasedAndy Williams3 years
edi- RELEASEAlastair Poole12 months
efl-1.14Revert "eolian_gen fixes to inheritance"Andy Williams6 years
feature/color_theme_supporttheme: Make method name explicitAndy Williams3 years
feature/debugging_improvementsedi_debug: tidy up a little bit, make things snazzier!Al Poole3 years
feature/markdown-editormarkdown: Add a very early attempt to layout a markdown panel.Andy Williams4 years
feature/solarized-themesthemes: final changes remove black.edcAl Poole3 years
feature/tabs_movetab movement: not an ideal implementation, buggy too.Al Poole3 years
feature/track-processdebug: refactor edi_debug.Alastair Poole2 years
feature/transparentgui: Initial work on transparencyAndy Williams3 years
gh-pagesNEWS: Add NewsAlastair Poole12 months
master0.8.0: RELEASEAlastair Poole12 months